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No matter how bad the mess, …

you’ll get it all set in order in half the time by following these professional-grade tips.


A doormat is your greatest ally in keeping dirt outside, so better get yourself two –– one placed outside and the other indie the door. You will be glad you did when winter snow rolls around and you have snowy salty boots. Be sure these are cleaned regularly so they perform their best functions and don’t make the mess even worse.

Combine tasks

Whenever possible try to accomplish two tasks at one time. For example, clean the baseboards while washing the floors and clean the blinds when you are doing the windows. Combining smaller jobs into one big job is a good way to cut down on running back and forth.

Skip the bucket

Sometimes dragging dirty mop water around the floor is counterproductive. Swap pout the bucket with a handheld floor cleaning solutions and a microfiber mop.

Stock up on products

Needless to say, bathroom cleaner is not so effective in the kitchen and should never be used for cleaning windows. You need the right cleaning agent for the task at hand to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Buy a soap dispenser dish brush

Get a soap dispenser dish brush for your shower stall and mark it for use in the bathroom only. Then hang it up in the bathroom stall and use to clean up real quick before you take a shower.

Vacuum the right way

This means working systematically from one side of the carpet to the other in a vertical pattern. Then you must repeat the process in a horizontal pattern. Remember doing this right means doing it less times throughout the week.

Define “clean”

Everyone has a different version of clean and you don’t want to be extreme in either direction. Take the time to ask yourself what a satisfactory standard of cleanliness means in your home and what you will have to do each day to maintain said standard. You may find out it is not as much as you think when you hit the essentials.

A pillowcase can be a fan cleaner

Obviously, you will need to repurpose an old pillowcase for this task, but there I hardly a better way to clean ceiling fans. The case keeps the collected dust from being flung far and wide. This is a very civilized way to clean a fan.

Create a cleaning plan

Most often, cleaning is done after the mess is getting too bad to ignore and therefore done hastily and sometimes impatiently. But this is not the way, the best way I to look at your cleaning as a grand waltz through your home. Begin high and go low covering everything in-between. You will have to do a cleaning regularly so the faster you learn the steps to your dance of sanitation the easier it will be.

Use your dishwasher

Dishwashers can be used for washing all sorts of household items that need to be cleaned to perfection. Use the dishwasher to keep some of your vases, mason jars, ceramic pot holders and other dish-washer safe item clean and fresh. You will absolutely want to keep candles and things that will melt out of the dishwasher though.

DIY cleaning solutions

Sure, commercial window cleaners are fine, but there is nothing like this cost effective and highly fragrant glass cleaner solution you make in the comfort of your home.

– 1 1/2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol
– 1 1/2 cups water
– 1 1/2 tablespoons white vinegar
– 3 drops peppermint essential oil

Clean the toilet daily

Don’t get behind on cleaning the toilet, you can keep the conditions of your toilet more or less sanitary by swishing some cleaning solution in the bowl and scrubbing around with a toilet brush each day. The bathroom can get the dirtiest the fastest so staying on top of this task avoids bigger cleaning jobs later.

Skip the polish

Believe it or not, the furniture in your home only really needs to be polished once or twice a year, or when they begin getting that distinctive foggy look. The rest of the year a microfiber cloth is the best option for keeping the furniture bright and shiny. Actually the less you use the furniture polish the less dust your furniture will collect.


Begin with the areas that will require scrubbing like the kitchen and bathrooms before moving to the “walking around tasks” like dusting, making beds, decluttering and finally floors. Look over the task at the beginning and think which of the smaller task will require the most attention.

Speed clean

What’s this? The in-laws will be dropping by to say “hello” and your home is in shambles? Not to worry, knowing the art of speed cleaning means you will get everything in order without actually having to get into a cleaning of the home. Focus on the areas of the home that are most visible like the kitchen and bathroom, don’t work about sweeping behind the fridge or organizing the cutlery.

Purchase a paintbrush

Here is a good trick for getting dirt and dust from the edges of furniture, a suitably sized paintbrush is just the thing. Brush this debris out and away from the edge of the furniture where it can be easily collected by the vacuum cleaner.