Just like any other industry, the cleaning industry is also competitive.

For this reason, increasing your customer’s lifetime value should be your paramount focus; even when you first start your cleaning business. However, how do you achieve this?

Well, learning the steps to get cleaning agreements is the best way to stabilize your income, guarantee work, and run your business effectively. The truth is that getting a cleaning contract can be a lengthy and involved process, which may not always work.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should not bid on cleaning contract. As a matter of fact, you should constantly search for new contracts and try to increase your opportunities.

How To Get Cleaning Contracts

You should never expect a customer to approach and request for a contract; you have to be proactive. In other words, you should always look to promote your services, offer competitive quotes, as well as use your network.

Below are some techniques that will help in getting cleaning contracts:

1. Create a Website

website displayed on laptop computer

Potential customers looking for cleaning services often turn to the web. This method gives them access to different companies, which makes online presence important. Some clients will overlook the bidding process when they come across an impressive cleaning company’s website.

The website should provide all the details about the company, such as the services they are offering, price range, working hours, experience, company authenticity, and contact information. The website should also contain reviews and testimonials from previous clients. However, to get the most out of a website, you should invest in online marketing techniques. These techniques will not only help rank your website but become visible to potential clients.

2. Local Organization Partnership

Another excellent way to secure cleaning contracts and build a company’s reputation is to partner with other organizations or companies that offer similar services, but they are not in your industry. For example, you can partner with a real estate company. Such a company may know a homeowner who is interested in house cleaning services. You can also partner with an office supply wholesaler in your area.

networking associations

It is important to create a professional relationship, but first, you have to brainstorm on ways you can partner with them. It does not matter if it is the best way to reach new customers, share leads, run marketing campaigns together, or a way to minimize cost on marketing, partnerships will improve your chances of getting cleaning contracts.

3. The Bidding Process

Customer service should never be the reason you miss out on the cleaning contract. This is an important fact you should fully understand. You should know that pricing and contract lengths are two of the main factors that cause a company to lose a majority of the cleaning contracts while bidding.

Details and communication are key during the initial steps of bidding on a cleaning contract. Before quoting anything, it is wise to walk-through the premise with the potential client and discuss the work to be done. The next step is creating a detailed quote so that the potential client could understand.

The moment you have submitted your quote, you should always follow-up. If the potential client decides to go with another company, find out why. This question may help you improve your services and help you get cleaning contracts in the future.

4. Create Referral Programs

A satisfied client can be the best person to get you cleaning contracts. For this reason, you should always request satisfied clients to recommend others through referrals. Many companies offer incentives for referrals. All you need to remember is that a referral package can be in various ways; all that is needed is creativity. Remember, a client who has been referred to you by another person is most likely going to trust you and your services.

referral marketing flow chart

According to a Wharton study, referrals have 16% – 20% lifetime value compared to other forms of marketing.

The moment you get verbal confirmation; it is wise to put everything in writing. We have created suites of free contract templates if you are looking for a more natural way to create a contract. Furthermore, you can easily customize them to fit your business ideals.